Nov 11 2015

Gagging, Snoring, Tiredness: Sound Familiar?

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anti-snoring-mouthpiecePeople who suffer from snoring are more likely to have health related issues and to suffer from sleep deprivation. Some people snore loud enough to wake themselves up and some people snore so loudly they risk waking up with bruises from their partner jabbing them in the ribs with an elbow in the late night. The constant waking interferes with the REM sleep that we all need to have our bodies recover from a long day. Even if you don’t think you were particularly active during the day your body still needs that precious time to shut down and recover from operating all day. Even if you sit at a desk all day chances are your hands are moving from typing, your brain and eyes are working from reading so you aren’t really just sitting there.

Lots of people are tired from interrupted sleep. Just ask parents of newborns. Sleep is precious and it’s something we take for granted when we’re children and we don’t have as many responsibilities. Those who snore can be pretty desperate for a solution to their issue and there is no shortage of products on the market designed to help you stop snoring.

One of the main causes of snoring is your tongue being relaxed and falling to the back of your mouth therefore blocking the airway. The vibration of your tongue against your muscles and teeth from you breathing while you sleep causes that sound we all know.

Note that the major issue is inside your mouth. By that statement, you should be thinking about a product that you actually put inside your mouth that is supposed to help you stop snoring. Honestly, thinking about shoving a hunk of plastic in your mouth every single night just so you can stop snoring is really not appealing to a lot of people. There are some fantastic mouthpieces out there that are designed to be sleek, slim and easy to get used to. Most mouthpieces work by pushing your lower jaw out to allow more access to the airway and some even go so far as to stabilize that tricky tongue of yours which is the true culprit.

Remember, not all mouthpieces are created equal. Seriously. Don’t judge something just because it’s cheap or just because it looks cool. You probably don’t want people to see you with this thing in your mouth so try not to go for one just because it has a flashy design.
As with all products there are those that don’t really have a good name for themselves and you should run screaming from them. Feel free to hide in the corner and rock yourself back to sanity if you find yourself ever considering them. In order to prevent a possible meltdown here’s one mouthpiece you really shouldn’t give the time of day to: the RipSnore®.

This little doozy has a host of complaints attached to it but we’ll just focus on two of the major ones. The biggest issue a lot of people had is the fact that the darn thing won’t stay in place! The RipSnore® is a one-size-fits-all kind of gimmick and that means there are a host of people who won’t find success with it. It’ll either be too big or too small. You don’t want to go through the effort of shoving this thing in every night only to wake up with it stuck to your hair and a really ticked off spouse. Another issue people complained about with the RipSnore® is the fact that it was making them gag! GAGGING, PEOPLE! No way. Not for me. I prefer to keep my supper down, thank you very much. So please, do yourself a favour and don’t even bother with this one. Instead, anti snoring mouthpiece reviews like these will show you the mouthpieces that truly work for you!

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